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  • CapstreamX


    CapstreamX is a communications, native advertising, branding and PR marketing firm focused on serving companies engaged in the world’s critical resource sectors

  • nilay patel

    nilay patel

    Acting Managing Editor of Vox, forever of The Verge. I am in love with spectacle.

  • Marc Boucher

    Marc Boucher

    Entrepreneur, software engineer, technologist, author & publisher, I'm CEO @SpaceRef & Executive Director at the CSCA @CanadianSpace.

  • Art Brodsky

    Art Brodsky

    Communications consultant, recovering journalist

  • Aaron Latham

    Aaron Latham

    Bad at golf.

  • Michał Krajewski

    Michał Krajewski

    Dad, husband, manager in product leadership. Passionate about data science, startups & technology.

  • musicFIRST Coalition

    musicFIRST Coalition

    A coalition of the music community that supports paying music creators when their work is played on radio platforms.

  • Marc vanlerberghe

    Marc vanlerberghe

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