Why are Senators embracing unpopular ideas that voters oppose?

No, you didn’t miss the thousands of voters marching on Washington demanding that Congress make their smartphones dumber, their Amazon shipments slower, and their Google results less helpful. That protest never happened.

Yet amazingly, some of our elected officials are working on legislation that would do all these things. According…

Voters want policymakers to make tech work for them — not mess with services they like

Chuck Schumer didn’t become Senate Majority Leader by being bad at politics. Quite the opposite: he’s won more than a dozen elections, served 40 years in Congress, and worked his way to the top of the Senate Democratic Caucus in part by keeping in mind two of his imaginary constituents.

Americans want safe self-driving cars, and Congress needs to act to unleash them

One of the most exciting things about self-driving cars is their ability to make our roads safer. As the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSA) likes to note, 94 percent of serious crashes are due to human error, and self-driving cars could eliminate those accidents.

So why are Tesla’s cars…

The crypto industry proved its might — now it needs to show its impact, inclusiveness, and responsibility

The Biden White House and Senate negotiators wanted to spend more than a trillion dollars on infrastructure — without increasing taxes. …

Expanded, portable benefits are needed for today’s workforce

At a certain point you have to admit that the future of work isn’t in the future anymore. It’s here.

More than one out of three U.S. workers earn money from gig work. Nearly one out five rely on gig work as their main source of income. And a fifth…

It’s time to invest in broadband

For most Americans, using the Internet is a part of daily life that’s every bit as familiar as turning on the lights. So it’s easy to forget that many Americans — especially the most vulnerable among us — have been left in the dark.

Between 21 and 42 million Americans…

Democrats should focus on making people’s lives better, not messing with stuff people already like

UPDATE 6/16/21: We’ve sent a letter to Congress with additional analysis on the tech services that these bills would ban or degrade.

With all the challenges facing our country — pandemic recovery, crumbling infrastructure, racial equity, and climate change — it’s a bit strange that some policymakers think our biggest…

Top 3 App Store Opponents Have Combined Value of $122 Billion; Top Beneficiaries of Commission Limits Are Leading U.S. Firms That Earn $900 Billion Annually

When you purchase an app or subscription through Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store, Apple or Google receive a standard 15 to 30 percent of that sale, to fund management and security of the store. Xbox and PlayStation have digital stores that work the same way.

Leading app developers…

When the Founding Fathers made their way to Philadelphia to craft the Constitution, they couldn’t Google Maps their way there. In the 1770s, the electric telegraph and the submarine were the latest and greatest in innovation. …

For years Silicon Valley leaders have urged a bigger federal government investment in infrastructure — from clean energy to better roads to broadband. Now President Biden has proposed to pay for this investment by increasing the corporate tax rate. That’s a deal that the tech industry can support.

Recent headlines…

Adam Kovacevich

CEO and Founder, Chamber of Progress. Democratic tech industry policy executive. Formerly Google, Lime, Capitol Hill, Dem campaigns.

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